Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Agnus Castus, plus bits and bobs!

Bought from rather expensive though, for such a small bottle! Anyway thanks to Jill for recommending them.

Harry tied him self up in knots (literally) the last time Mindy was in season, I wanted to try something natural, so far it's brilliant he is a lot calmer than the last time! Today was a good test as she was running around sticking her bum in his face, poor chap! So if you have a sexy boy that needs calming down a bit, try some of this Agnus Castus 6x

I forgot to mention on our last beach walk that Buzz had found something to roll in, on the dunes, on the way back to the car, he ended up smelling like Padstow Harbour!
Buzz never rolls, well actually he has rolled three times in nearly 8 years, one was "in" and I mean "In" some fresh cow poo! the second, was a very dead badger he found on Newbury Showground! (when we where camped across the road in the fields) yuck that was awful, we had the motor home at the time and had to try and cram him into the shower and shower him off, god I can still smell that smell! and then the other day, he looks so funny doing it too, like a dieing fly! and the third was that "flat" fish!

Ian managed a few odd jobs over the Hols, including rolling the drive, with the neighbours roller, so at least I don't get stuck in the gravel, trying to get out with the Berlingo and Ian can drive straight over the top with his motorbike!

We went for a cycle along the "Goss Moor" 7 mile cycle route, well I think we must have done more than 7 miles as we started from home and then cycled to the Screech Owl, before we started on the 7 miles, we had snow flurries to start of with, luckily I had made a couple of those small flasks of coffee with sugar to keep us going, we did stop and walk on a few occasions just to get the circulation back into my Bum.... so the goal is to do it the next time in less than 2 hours! It was nice for a change to do something without the dogs, although I'm sure they would have loved to come, except Harry who would have rather been in bed in the warm!

We have had a few days of snow, which I love, but wished Asda had made it through with the shopping yesterday and wish Ian hadn't got a 4 x 4 and could have stayed at home with us all.....

Look, I managed to get Buzz to look at me and not at Red, that is a first!

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