Sunday, 10 January 2010

Well, are you getting bored Yet?

Snow, snow and more snow.............

We are as I type, having another "downfall", not sure whether that's the right words for "load of snow", but I'm sure you get what I'm meaning, we certainly aren't used to this in the UK let alone, warm, sunny, yet mostly windy (as Lisa always kept telling us before we moved here) Cornwall!

The postman managed to get through to us yesterday, which was the first day since Tuesday, the rubbish collection and recycling truck couldn't get though, so that is still sat underneath a covering of yet more snow and now the lane is impassable again, unless you have a 4 x 4.

Luckily Ian took us (me and woofs) all out Friday and yesterday to refill the freezer and cupboards and go to the butchers to get the dogs their bones although I actually just picked up a huge box of chicken wings instead, so their freezer would be full for another 25 days!
We walked them on the way to the butchers on Newlyn Downs (another new walk for me) it was nice as we had the whole place to ourselves, I wouldn't normally mind meeting other dog walkers, but with Mindy being well and truly in season, it's nice not to worry!

That looks like a nice sledging hill below the windmills............

.....I took this photo on Thursday of Mindy and just loved it, you can actually see the snow on her chin, just starting to melt.

......I also realised that I hadn't got that many nice photos, of my Old lady "Diddles", so here is one!
We tried making a snowman, but have been struggling getting it to stick together and then Red would just grab the starts of one and eat it, hummmm, we eventually got a hump of one, but then all the dogs including the girls, have been using it as a pee post, which has slightly put me off in attempting to make any thing more of it!

It doesn't look like, I will be able to take Buzz for his swimming classes this week again or to the vets for his Cartophen injection, I might be able to change the cartophen injection for an evening appointment, if they are open!

Still it's all very pretty out there, so maybe after lunch has gone down (roast chicken) we could venture out, for a bit of sledging?


Hudsondoglets said...

It's beautiful to look at but yes, I am fed up with it now. Want to get on with stuff!

Karen said...

Hi yes am bored of it too now, but still love the fact all dogs can be walked without spending ages have to clean them up afterwards ! lovely pictures x

Angela said...

Oh yes, that is a "big" yes, clean dogs, although I seem to be putting the "Puffs" under the shower, after each trip to the garden, just their legs, quicker than letting it melt over the floor!
...and Nancy it will force you to do the jobs you don't want to do!!!

Enjoy, we will soon be moaning how hot it is..........

Bandit's Pack said...

It sure sounds like your part of the world is having a winter to remember. We're still waiting for our snow - how about sending some across the sea!