Monday, 18 January 2010

Kick up the butt!

Well I had my "kick up the Butt" by Elaine, well it wasn't really a kick up the butt, more goal setting and motivational talk! ......and having read Susan Garrett blog......I felt like getting back into it, not necessarily agility, although I did go out and run Buzz along a line of jumps on medium height, I use the word run loosely as I left the toy at the end so, he didn't herd me and sent him to the end of 5 jumps at various widths apart..........Well it's a start.

What I have been doing is lots of clicker training, Well again I say lots, it actually was all day on and off on Saturday as it was raining and Ian was outside welding a winch bumper together (that's another post later on, for all you off roaders!) it's funny really the two big dogs weren't brought up with clickers, I've really only got into it with the two small ones, so I thought I would have a go with the "Bigs" as well, you can see all the videos on my YouTube link in the link section, if your interested!
So I did the basic with the Big dogs, I had taught them tricks before, but not with the clicker, so some of what they did they knew from before, except I added a new "Trick" put your head in a flower pot! WHY I've no idea! ....but they cottoned on to to it really quickly we are talking about two dogs here that at 10 in a half and nearly 8 year old.

The "Smalls" have been taught from scratch with the clicker, so they are easy and fast to pick things up as long as your timing is right, Mindy started to show me a new one, which I think I might go along with "Wipe your feet", she did it whilst doing a touch command, she pawed at the target, I also want to help her accept the Halti better so we will do more on that today and feet touching she hates her front feet being touched, she has such long hair around that area they need to be trimmed and nails cut, she will mouth you and protest, so that will be her next step.
Harry just loves doing anything for food and will come up with anything, so he has learnt to get in his sleeping bag, with a little help at the moment and to hug a toy/bottle/plastic pipe and even Daffy duck!

Why have we got a Daffy Duck toy, well Ian loves anything to do with DD! We have quite a collection now from stickers, Christmas tree hanging thingy to Tattoos!

This is what happens after a clicker training session!

So now that I'm clicker ed out maybe I'll go out and do a bit of agility training? Must enter some shows too, as closing dates are starting to get closer, still can't make my mind up about the small/medium Chippenham show, it would be Harry's first champ show.........


Hudsondoglets said...

I love playing about with the clicker, it's such fun. Sounds like your guys really enjoyed it. You must go to Chippenham, we're going to enter as it'll also be Kizzy's first champ show!

Lorna Goodban said...

Yes go to Chippenham - I wanna watch Harry in the Champ. Lorna x