Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Wheel Trims and Rock pools!

We went to the Eden Project last night, meeting up with friends who where Ice skating, normally I would have joined in with Ian, well I say joined in, I'm one of those people that pull themselves around the rink hanging on to the sides........

My sense of balance, is as bad as Buzz spacial awareness! BAD....

My excuse for last night, well it wasn't really an excuse, it was true. Ian, for Christmas bought me a Wii and Wii fit balance board! I had spent the afternoon playing Tennis, 10 pin bowling, baseball and cycling, so my shoulders and neck where soar to say the least.

But at least I took some photos, well a photo, of what to do with all your spare wheel trims..........

Today we took the dogs for a lovely walk on a new beach to us at Holywell Bay (still in Cornwall), we walked along the sand dunes to start with, so I could keep Mindy on her long line, for two reasons.

One reason being: over Christmas at Mums (she has a small holding with woodland) and whilst out walking with mine and her dogs they found a pheasant hiding in the long grass, Harry actually caught it and only let go after it had flapped enough to wriggle free, leaving Harry with a huge mouthful of feathers, it managed to fly off with two "Puffs" madly chasing after it, Mum's retrieves and my collies realised they couldn't catch it so it wasn't fun any more, but Harry and Mindy...Well, Harry gave up first, but Mindy, I had to almost rugby tackle her to the floor to get her attention, all that training of not chasing birds, gone out the window in one moment...hence she's on the long line....seagulls, clifftops, beach and Mindy aren't going to mix for a while longer!

Second reason, she came into season yesterday, at long last, 9 months since her last one, it will be great if she goes another 9 months, before her next one as that would give me a year of competing, before hopefully, if I'm brave enough, I'll mate her and have one litter from her, if I can find a suitable husband!

We did let her off on the beach away from any other people or dogs, as you will see form the video, it was a great walk with sand dunes, sea and big deep rock pools, we where out for almost two hours.

So I think they may sleep well this afternoon, which will be good, as we are cooking our Christmas Dinner, complete with crackers and Christmas pudding, yes I know we are a bit late, but we had one with Ian's Mum and Dad and had been so busy when we got back to Cornwall, that we haven't had time!

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Bandit's Pack said...

What a fantastic beach! I loved watching your dogs romp and play. Have fun with your Wii!