Sunday, 23 November 2008

When we first moved to Cornwall.......

Ian had a, 3 door 200 Tdi Discovery that, which back in Bristol he "off roaded", he had a Superwinch winch attached to the front, a snorkel for those deep water playing/trips out etc.

The Winch had been on all Ian's "off roaders" since I have known him! ....... a Range Rover, a 110 station wagon Landrover (which we travelled to Morocco and back, sleeping in/on and round it for 8 weeks - that's another story, which one day I may get around to telling you about! this was in between dogs) then, another smarter Range Rover automatic, leather seats etc. (but still dented enough to go off road and have a winch/snorkel attached)

We used to spend weekends away in the Welsh Hills, taking the tent and Cassie, our only dog at the time, we used to come home wet. muddy but happy! from the Range Rover, he went to the 3 door Discovery (picture above) which We had when we first moved down here.
Ian got bored with that and wanted something he could off road better so he bought a 90 station wagon Landrover, (off eBay!) which has been a great work horse, carting, wood/bricks/breeze blocks/sand etc. from A-B, but hasn't done much off roading, except around the garden! ............We have struggled taking all the dogs out in it, the "Smalls" sit on the front middle seat, which was fine but the two Reds struggled with not enough flat room in the back.

The picture shows it before, Ian put all his bits and bobs on it!

So along came the new arrival! a 5 door 300 Tdi Discovery, automatic.

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