Thursday, 13 November 2008

Perran Sands

......More walking and more socialising this week.
we spent and hour and half wandering around the dunes. I always thought when people said they walked on the dunes, I imagined loads of sand and a bit of grass and a lot of hard work walking, but the Sand Dunes at Perranporth are covered in grass and bushes! you can walk forever! You can see the sea in the distance, next time maybe I should try and walk down to it! it's great walking the dogs here in the rain, you still get wet - yes, but they stay clean - whoppy.

This week I walked all the way up to St Piran's church.

Thanks Lisa, for kindly allowing us (Mindy,Harry and me-I) to walk up there with all your Collies and Heelers - well until the clocks changed. Now I meet up with another doggie friend and her 3 Shepherd pups, we get to meet so many different types and numbers of dogs, it is great for socializing, although if you wanted to avoid dogs you could too!

Anyway here's a picture or two of them all, out and about, oh and another video!

Yummy rabbit Poo! Dogs.

2 comments: said...

they are so cute!

Angela said...

..Yes I think so, thank you.