Thursday, 27 November 2008

Food shopping!

...I hate food shopping. So after many years of hating it, I decided to do something about it, with encouragement from friends - I tried on line food shopping, do you know what I enjoyed it, although the first time took far to long! the second time, 10Min's and it was done, you just have to be aware of your weights! so you don't end up with too small/too large amounts of anything...... the best bit its turned out cheaper, so far by £10.00, so I'm a happy Bunny.

Agility: What have I been up to. Well the big dogs have been having a rest from agility, lots of nice long walks and bits of clicker training.

Buzz I have started doing a bit of the Susan Garrett's Crate games with him, as he guards his crate from all dogs (except Red) - work in progress and the only bit of agility he is doing is, whilst the Dog walk is on low height I'm reminding him (as I have to do every year) where he needs to be, 2o2o and looking forward, great thing these clickers, it has taken two weeks of retraining for him to remember!

Here is a short clip of this weeks efforts from him, when it wasn't raining!

As for Mindy and Harry.
Harry is training on a Wednesday at Silverwell indoors, he started off not really very happy, but after 3 weeks, seems to be settling down, the jumping lesson is always better than the agility lesson, but having said that, most of his agility lesson last night was good. At home we are just doing running DW to get the speed up, it is on low height and we run around a bollard at either end and race each other up to the other end and throw the toy, which seems to work and teaching/showing him he can run fast over the top.
Mindy comes to watch and chat and seems to really enjoy her time with me in the arena, she goes through a few tricks and sit/stand waits and lots of play tuggy and fetching balls.
I still haven't made up my mind what to do with her contacts yet, as in 2o2o (all have been taught this method - so far) or 4 on the floor or just run like hell - she, I think would like that (running one) but I feel like, we might need somewhere to have a re-group around an agility course, she has a lot more "zest" than Harry, scary to try something new, especially on your own!
The 4 on the floor looks good, except Mindy doesn't like getting wet so trying to teach her to lie down on the wet grass on her little belly is going to be hard, I have been trying the behaviour away from the equipment, she is great using a mat to lie on, but wet grass! She did manage to lie down on the sand last night though. No doubt we will have plenty of wet weather to teach her it though!

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