Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Red Bull gives you wings!

True or false?

Well having just got back from my first long distance show for ages, on my own. Having run just two dogs over 2 courses, not much compared to most people, but I was up early helping set up rings etc. anyway after an hour of driving home in the heat! I was beginning to get tired so I tried this drink Red Bull – having never tried this before, well within ten minutes of me sipping it whilst driving, I was grinning like a Cheshire cat and singing along with the songs on the radio, so it worked for me!

I’m so lucky in one way in having most of Cornwall shows within 15 - 35 mins away – totally spoilt, although the small/medium classes are virtually 1-7 combined as they are so small!

I got really excited to see a show near to where we used to live and to meet up with all my buddies, although I would have to leave my top dog at home (Red), all Harry’s classes where graded, so I was hoping for more flowy courses, which is what we got, well spread out, Harry loved them and flew round, but he kept thinking we where finished at each end and ended up leaving the rings to roll around on the grass with kids and dogs …Hummmm, yes great entertainment for the crowds but I’m hoping one day that I’ll become more exciting for him than them! …. I keep forgetting he is 7 months behind training, due to his injury and this is only 3/4th show I’m expecting him to be as good as the rest! … I think now I will start to set up courses rather than exercises at home and finish somewhere in the middle so he doesn’t always expect to finish on the end of a line of jumps, just have to see whether that helps.
Harry’s Pairs partner Nellie noonooo came 2nd in the jumping class, so whether they will want to stay pairs with us – we will see!
As for Buzz he did what Buzz does best – knock poles and herds. He coped really well with the clay shooting, glad Red wasn’t with us as she would have been a wreck, anyway I needed her empty cage as it was filled with plants for our garden from Anna’s lovely garden, that she kindly donated! I managed to plant most of them around the place last night with Ian’s help, I cant remember what they are, or where they where meant to go! Sorry Anna, lets hope they like the Cornish climate, and my gardening hands!!!!!!!

The grass in the paddock part of the garden is really growing now, I could do with rolling it, but don’t have one, Ian suggested using the landrover-boys any excuse to go off road! Oh Landrover passed its MOT thankfully, so this weekend is the Bongos turn (for those that don’t know what a bongo is, it is a Mazda, it is the same as a Ford Freda comes in 2 and 4 wheel drive usually with a roof that goes up so you can sleep in it!) for some maintance, well I say that, Ian started before I went to Bristol, he changed the glow plugs (which is a regular thing to go on Bongos) and unfortunately one snapped off in the block, so this weekend he has to weld a nut to it and hopefully get it out that way or the engine head will have to come off, which is I’m told, a right pain in the ****.

We really need to get a digger sorted so that we can start rebuilding the sheds before winter, but that will all depend on how this glow plug comes out.

Gotta go and give blood now! I really hate doing this, but it does help save lives so I'm told, nearly reached my gold badge, 55 pints - I hate the needles and I seem to take ages before I'm able to run around with the dogs! But I'm going to carry on untill I reach my goal! "Gold Badge"

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