Tuesday, 22 April 2008

OMG - I've got a job! - video

.....It's all been happening here, well sort off. I've gone back to cleaning, ugh but it is money! Cleaning caravans down on the beach. Not much else you can say about it really, cleaning is cleaning, but with the money, well I can go to a couple of extra away shows - so I have entered the Agility Club show in July, whether I can get Ian to come with me - we will see. So my cleaning days are on a Monday and Friday, I can take the dogs with me so I do and then I do a couple more caravans before I've had enough, I don't stop for coffee or lunch so I can be home early afternoon and have time to walk/train my doggies.

We had a weekend show, well it was actually two shows back to back down at the Wadebridge Showground, Saturday - it rained/drizzled most of the day, I really don't enjoy agility in the rain, but I really needed to get back on track with my merry bunch, Harry doesn't seem to mind doing it in the rain, he acts as if he has just come out of a bath and does a few laps of honour, he really is a crowd pleaser and when we get it together I think he will live up to his name "Heads up its Harry" He got a 3rd in a jumping class on the Saturday, it was only my handling that let him down. Bad Boy Buzzy, was just Buzzy, we added a few jumps in most classes and contacts (what contacts!) Red, had clears but no places. ....It was great seeing everyone from Clifton AC and a few friends that we hadn't seen since September last year. Happy New Year to you all!

Thank you, Charlotte for videoing my lot, it is so nice to have these videos, Ian says he doesn't enjoy videoing as he can't see what happens! So now I have to work out again how to, add the videos to the blog in the right size, I do struggle with this sort of thing and running three dogs, especially if there is more than two rings! I'm told it get easier, luckily I have friends saying "have you walked this ring yet" I nearly missed walking one of Harry's. Hey Ho, here goes with the videoing.

I think this will be the last video for a while as Ian will be too busy to come to any of the shows over the next few weeks - we have a mains water leak - we need a digger!!!!!!!

Anyway Here is Buzzy Bears Agility

and Here is Didderly Do, Mrs Woo or Red! Agility.

..and last but not least here is the Puff! Harry Agility.

...I know I let him run his contacts, but if you had seen him the day before when he stood at the top of the "A" frame had a look around then came down slat by slat, and he walked up the dog walk, you would understand!? we are back to 2o2o this week! but I agree I didnt leave him waiting long at the start, so I will have to remember that one!

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