Wednesday, 28 May 2008

"Vet Week!"

The dogs haven’t been to the vets since their vaccinations back last June/July, anyway:

Results from Red’s x-rays, show she has the start of spondolisis and also HD in her left hip - which we knew about, but no arthritis, basically we need to keep her as slim and fit as possible, and it’s okay for her to continue with the chiropractor and doing agility for as long as she can, although later on she will need regular medication.

Buzz’s behaviour has been a bit weird! Over the last couple of years he has suffered from the heat and now has a cool coat and cool mat in his cage in the car and a fan, his tongue goes a tinge of blue after exercise - whether that be, agility or walks, he has always been far to big for a collie and is more the size of a shepherd!!! He has always been uncoordinated, however that has improved with the amount of ground work we have put in – Ladders, poles on the floor, Ttouch etc. and training is limited to ten mins at a time as he mentally cant cope with anymore (when I’m training on my own)
So anyway he had his breakfast Saturday morning, jumped on the bed with a lump on his face the size of an apple! First thought was tooth problem, as it was the bank holiday we thought we had better get him off to vets, Fiona thought it was a sting, but then when I told her everything that had gone on over the last few years of which other than reading all of his records posted down from Bristol she wouldn’t have known about, she felt she wanted him in for x-rays and blood tests, which he hasn’t had. So she didn’t want to give him anything for the sting, just in case he reacted to it. Tuesday tomorrow and he is off to vet for his tests, Fiona is great as I can stay with them whilst they are getting knocked out and be there when they get reversed! The swelling hasn’t gone down and now is hard, so off course we are now worrying that it could be something else, especially as it just over a year since Cassie went.

Tuesday been and gone, it turned out to be a tooth, but he is recovering. His blood tests showed nothing out of the ordinary, but the x-rays have been sent off to a heart specialist in Glos. As his heart is rather “round”!

Agility wise, well a few shows have passed since I last “Blogged”
Red has been the star, with a 1st in 5-7 jumping and a 2nd 3rd and 4th the other day, Buzz worked well today! Even with his lump, he was calm and held it altogether especially when I started to feel my trousers fall down and was running around with one hand holding them up and my shoulders telling him where to go!
We had heavy rain (fancy that!) my trousers where soaked and sticking to me pulling them down! Honest.
Harry has been fab. He has stayed in the ring with me for the last 3 runs and has been able to play with his tuggy before and after each run, so things are looking up, we have had so many “nearlys”! I love working him, he is such fun.
Thank you Wendy for letting him come to live with us.

Just heard Supadogs has been cancelled due to weather, health and safety – so much work goes into these weeklong dog agility shows, it is very sad.
Such silly weather we are having, my legs have only made two appearances this year so far – I can t believe it!

We managed to get the flooring done in the lounge last week, so at least we can sit on the floor without a draft and I don’t mind saying that I don’t think it looks too bad - good old “Trago’s”

"for Lino"!?
Well you can see why we have to sit on the floor!!

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