Tuesday, 13 May 2008

All things beginning with “M” - video

Mosquito, Marmite and Madness!
If you ever want to move to Cornwall, don’t say I never warned you!
.......The Mosquitoes are huge, they must be at least an inch long, they remind me of when I stayed in Sweden for a long holiday (4 weeks), near the lakes. In the evenings the Mosquito would appear and bite us! Unless you where well prepared for them. Any way we aren’t in Sweden! But they are just as big; we certainly didn’t get them this big in Bristol or out in the country where my Mum lives – Dorset. You can hear them a mile off, don’t sit outside in the cool of an evening without long sleeves and trousers, unless you have a bonfire going!

Marmite – Do you like it?? Well I have just seen a jar of champagne Marmite, so of course I had to try some ummmmm I can safely say for all those Marmite lovers out there, don’t bother, it left a horrid taste in my mouth, yuck! The jar went promptly out for recycling.

Madness! When the sun comes out in Cornwall, the roads get very quiet – everyone has a sicky and goes down the beach, honest! Work gets done but around the tide times! Out come the shorts and flip-flops, sunglasses and surfboards - All the lads and lasses go blonde and quickly gain that nice tan! I’m sure all their shorts get shorter and bikinis get minimal. Even my butcher’s boys, (where I get my dog bones) suddenly start working in their shorts and wellies! Summer is here at last.

Wolf whistling! – We have, a wild young male blackbird that must have been a rescue as he sings along with his usual chorus, he adds a wolf whistle to it! Which when we first heard it, at the beginning of the year, made us chuckle and took us ages to work out who and what it was.

Harry is getting back into swimming in his hot tub! Hopefully before the end of the season he will be jumping in on his own after his toy! Red becomes rather wide legged as I lift her up and into it, she won’t walk up the steps yet! And as for Buzz, well Ian has to help me with him! He hasn’t realised he can touch the bottom yet, he tucks all his legs up under himself and swims as if is life depends on it, even if I’m in there with him, he has stopped the splashing now and swims with his front legs under the water, rather than on top! Last week I spent some money on Buzz, as he really suffers with the heat, he already has a cool mat which he lies on in the Bongo, as people where raving about it on the agility forum I thought I would buy and try the K9cool coat, yes it was expensive nearly £40! As he had to have the large one, so we had a dummy run with it over the weekend, I had to do a bit of minor adjustments with the size, so it would stay on, It worked and after two days is still cool, will have to get it ready for the show at the weekend and report back.

Today I took the dogs for a walk in the woods and here's a short video!

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