Sunday, 11 May 2008

Power Fab! - video

After far too many weeks and being let down by a certain person, who shall remain nameless for the time being ***** we where getting brave, having bought a LandRover on eBay over a year ago. Anyway we had wanted a digger to help around the place: foundations to dig for the sheds and extension, landscaping the garden etc. Too much like hard work with a shovel! – well we are getting older!!!!! Anyway we located one that wasn’t too far away, I say not too far away Ian wouldn’t have gone that far for a dog show! But for a digger well that is a different story! So he returned Friday night after 8 hours of driving! (4 each way) with this rusty orange and green thing! It was green from having being sat under a tree somewhere on a farm, it works and after a wash it is no longer looks green, it needs a silencer or ear plugs and away you go, Ian says I can have a go on it tomorrow, after the tractor seat has dried off hummmm.

This week I have spent lots of time in the garden, as Elaine says, the garden will take as much as you want to throw at it! She’s right. The vegetable patch is coming on, the beans and spinach are in, I have put the corn on the cob down behind one of the wooden sheds along with some of the sun flowers! I love sunflowers they are such happy flowers and the birds like the seeds. It looks like most of Anna plants that she kindly donated are happy and starting to pick up. Note to myself - Must get some tomatoes.

Agility wise – Harry did a somersault on Friday galloping around a corner, so he is now soar. Red has been lame on and off since last September, she has seem the chiropractor on various occasions and she seems to be great for a few days after and then goes backwards again, some days you cant tell which leg it is, once she has warmed up, she is fine. I think the time has come to get her ex-rayed and see if there is anything going on, or whether it is just old age setting in, she has never been a dog to go easy at anything, everything always gets done at 100 miles an hour, she has never looked after her body, collided with a number of tyres and jumps! Bless her. Buzz is sound thou!

Sunday, we went for a long walk at Hawkers Cove, it was misty/foggy but warm and calm, the dogs loved it, hopefully the video will show that – if I can download it!

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