Wednesday, 5 March 2008

PUPPIES puppies everywhere!

How exciting, Lisa text'd yesterday afternoon to say Kes (my favourite black and white girlie collie) had had her babies, mother and babies are fine. Great news. No different colours thou, just black and white! check out her blog on the links "down near the dunes"
Nicky Belgians are almost ready to fly the nest - what a cracking litter they are - check them out Hawksflight web site.
and Aly Rapo is about to have some too! (well not Aly, but Kitty!)

I Slept badly last night, kept thinking of things I could be telling you that was exciting! But cant for the life of me remember now! So here is picture of Red trying to fit into Harry bed –
Well I say Harry’s bed; he hasn’t been using it much lately as he’s been sleeping in ours! Yes I did say “in” encouraged by Ian I might add! Talk about a passion killer. But maybe that is the idea!

Foster dog two has another name; we call him DS – Daniel Spaniel (there you go you now know he is a Springer!) he has become very smart and knows when we are talking about him! He sleeps at night in his indoor kennel, the rest of the time he is out with mine, unless it gets all too much for the red dogs and then we have “time out time”, so far, the only really really bad behaviour is that he guards the kennel - apart from, the lack of recall, not knowing his name pushing his way through things people or dogs and walking around on top of the kitchen work surfaces (checking for any food left out!)! He is perfect! He managed to lie down yesterday afternoon, in front of the fire! But that has been the only time he isn’t “doing something”, (I’m told this is normal!) I thought Collies where always on the go, but nothing like this chap.

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