Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Easter Eggs

Wilf - our number two foster dog has gone to his new home and what a cracking one it is! He gets to do “gundog stuff” in the winter and “Agility” maybe in the summer and has two girl spaniels to keep him company, he gets to go on wood walks and beach ones, his new owners don’t work full time either – what more could a guy want.

It was nice to have had him to stay, but I did enjoy putting the indoor kennel away (for a while!) As soon as the dogs realised he had gone, you could almost hear them let out a huge sigh, apart from Harry who now has to find other things to amuse himself!

Kernow k9 show – it was great seeing everyone, even thou I could hardly recognised them with the amount of waterproof clothes everyone was wearing! The weather was wild for the whole weekend but as soon as they packed up to go on the Monday/Tuesday the sun came out and we still haven’t had any rain since then. Agility wise I was a pile of pants! And really would have liked to have just chatted with all my buddies from Bristol. We had quite of few members from the club - RAC who where at their first show, you should have seen them, Jem and Nikki got a clear round and Ally did some really good stuff, not forgetting KipKipKipper who got a high place in his jumping class.

Ian has the week off and we where expecting to have sorted out a mini digger, but alas the person sorting it didn’t! So Ian has been dog proofing fencing and re-wiring the house!

Harry has been doing little bits of agility too, no contacts, just a few jumps; he doesn’t look like he has forgotten anything! Even thou it was over 6 months since I last did anything with him. His first show is in a few weeks and I received his running orders today, now I am feeling excited.

As for Easter eggs, we didnt have any but a kind friend took pity on us and bought us two yummy chocolate bunnies to munch on!

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