Sunday, 9 March 2008

It's a Long ONE!

Saturdays training went well even thou a few of them might of thought not!
Our beginners:
Diesel the lab with junior handler Shannon had a hard time, I train the contacts and Lisa does the jumping and weaves, so this week we had corn beef on the contacts! Diesel spent a lot of time over with us at the contacts when she was meant to be with Lisa, it made Shannon work really hard to keep her attention, she did really well.
Lisa taught the last classes so I could bring Buzz out to work as his pad had almost healed up. I think, poor Lisa must pull her hair out with him, each week he throws something different he can/cant do, but that is Buzz and he has been like this from the time I retrained him to work for me! Both Red and Buzz where trained by Ian, as they where his dogs! Red, Ian kindly signed her over on Valentines day (better than getting a card!) a month before she was due to start competing, and Buzz he had enough off after, his second season of competing, Ian found competing so stressful that the Wednesday before the show he couldn’t sleep! Remember Agility is fun!!! Ian will occasionally now come and have a play in the pairs with me and he has always helped me whenever I have needed it, especially in making most of the contact equipment, weaves, for my own training paddock. Bless him.

I went to see the pups again (Hawksflight Tervs) they are 7 weeks now, most of them have their ears up and are tearing around, it has been a great experience to see this breed grow and turn into such a nice bunch and YES I am tempted to add to our lot, but unfortuanlty Ian feels they aren’t for him, he says they have too much hair and are too jittery/nervy (he hasn’t spent enough time with Nicky’s to realise they aren’t all the same as the ones he knows! especially Havana-the Daddy) so I have told Nicky and Jackie they have to work on him (I can say all this as he doesn’t read blogs!!!) I think it might be too late for this litter. This thou should give us time to work on Ian and me to work on Harry just in case he does become fit enough to compete…. ..............That was Saturday all over too quick!

Today we went to a beach called Crantock near Newquay, with all the dogs and DS was let off the lead, he was very good and stayed with us but we where experiencing a sand/hail storm for most of the walk and poor Harry looked like he had enough sand on him to make a sandcastle! An hour later we got back to car wet and sandy! the next hour at home was spent clearing the car out of its wet/sandy newspaper and replacing with dry bedding ready for tomorrows walks!

We spent the rest of the day taking down the small shed that looks like Grandpa’s Potts in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang! I think it might have been used as an aviary at some point and the rats had chewed holes in it, so it had to go! But we did give it a good send off! It was burnt along with a whole load of other rubbish! oh no the poor ozone layer, I hear you shout!
We are all getting ready for the wild storms which are so say going to hit us later on tonight, Oh the joys off living down in windy Cornwall!

I have enjoyed watching Crufts on the telly this year especially as I have loads of friends that have been competing in not only the Show side but also Agility and Obedience, Red in her younger days has qualified (in the agility) 2/3 times but due to lameness has only made it there the once – aaahh, it was a great day out! And not so far to go, as it would have been this year!

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