Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Random again!!

New year, new eating habits need to be addressed! not a diet, but less processed fast, food, well that's the plan. Ian only likes fish when it's battered, but we had some M and S voucher left over last year so bought some Salmon to try, well what actually happened was Ian saw the advert for a nice Brie and Salmon lattice puff pastry thing, so we went in to buy that and it had sold out so we got some salmon and brie and I asked the question on FB what I should do with it, end result no fuss, stick on on top of salmon and make a parcel, so in the theme of Cornwall, it's a puff pastie! it was a bit dry and ideally if I do it again we will make a sauce of some sort to go with mash pots and peas but the good news was Ian ate it and we had a non processed fast meal, whoop whoop....
Mindy and Harry get cold during the day, as I have really clipped them (well used the kitchen scissors again) and are now really short coated, Val will kill me when she see's them again, just cant afford to take them every two months...look closely as Harry is there too!
Even the Lurcher likes to be warm and is very bad and remakes our bed and gets under the covers with her muddy paws, talking of beds...
we bought a 6 foot "super kingsize" it arrived Monday, Ian - trying it out with Sennen, he doesn't usually go to bed with his woolly hat on..just need to buy a head board and save up for some decent duvet covers these are cheap ebay ones and we tend to slid around, but wow what a good night sleep I've had, cant wait to get back there tonight.

Agility classes have started back up now, I'm busy as long as the ground can hold out, not good for large dogs here...Sennen starts back tonight at club, she has done her first full height AFrame (at 15 months old, thought it was time) this week - running...yes running, using Dawn Weavers method, you will just have to go and and join in with her on line lessons, would take me too long to teach you how, but when Ian's free I'll get him to video the end result, I'm pleased and Sennen is happy, so that's the main thing.
I am still shocked to see people doing so much with their young dogs (agility wise), but I suppose time will tell whether they are still competing at 10 years olds, yes I teach lots of tricks, but not everyday and I do play with toys and teach them to tug, they also do spend a lot of time being dogs, walking and playing with each other and me, I was so very shocked to see a video of one 5 or was it 7 month old collie doing not only a number of small height jumps along with a running AFrame.....Just youtube running Aframes and he will come up!

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