Monday, 30 January 2012

"Mindy" weaves 28th Jan 2012

Oh she can weave too, so it seems, she learnt with the 2 x 2 method.

What an amazing little dog to think 7 months ago today around the same time as this posting going live she was injured, paralysed on three legs and screaming, what a journey we have been on over the last 7 months and do you know what, I have learnt to accept that I could have done nothing, it was meant to happen this was our journey, it wasn't my fault etc. I don't regret what has happened, yes I am sad at times, but boy I have learnt such a lot about myself, let alone physio exercises along the way, I have met some amazing people, too many to name names and all of you have touched our hearts in ways you will never know, but thank god for you all.

If I could bottle up what ever is driving Mindy forward I would be rich finianically, but boy she has made us rich in so many other ways...LOVE you Miss Manic Mindy


Lorna Goodban said...

Woohoo gooo Mindy x

nellie-bean's blog said...

oh my she looks great Angela. Love the way she 'beats' the last couple of poles with her 'attitude' each time. Speedy toes Mindy!

Angela said...

Thanks guys, she certainly has drive! I think that's what has helped her recover so well xx