Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Love this picture!

Sues having her last chemo today, whoop whoop, what a star she's been, Sue popped in for a cup of tea yesterday and Dear Miss Mindy surprised us all by jumping on Sue's lap, Mindy doesn't do cuddles or strokes as a lot of you know from experience, you don't invade her space and you aren't allowed to stroke unless she invites you too! But here she is enjoying Sue's company.....But I recon she's just after the tea bag!!

Tea bag, smells nice on plate...hummmmm

I so love Sue's hat, you cant see from the photo but it has flowers made of the same material up the side, hope Sue continues to wear them after her hair comes back, she looks good in hats, I love hats, but very rarely wear idea why! Not sure whether this is one handmade here in Cornwall, St Agnes way, must ask her. Right off to walk Sues girls with Sennen.

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nellie-bean's blog said...

Perhaps Mindy recognised a kindred spirit if that is the right term - someone who is going through treatment. Dogs can be very intuitive that way...Or perhaps it really was the teabag :-)?!