Monday, 9 May 2011

Sennen's learnt to play the drums!

Sennen is well and truly part of our family, we have gone a whole week now with the loo roll left on it's holder and the flannel only move when we move them, thankfully she's not so mouthy with us, BUT she still jumps 5 foot in the air to get your attention landing on you, which is a night mare, she will even do it to strangers, Ian's learning slowly to ignore her, when he comes in in the evening but he adores her, mind you it's hard not too, she's drop dead yummy! She's been measured, she's large just a little taller than Red, but way smaller than Buzz, thank goodness.

Anyway "agility" wise what's she been up to...not a lot, as underneath it all I didn't know whether she would do it and I wanted her to mature a bit, although she has been learning lots of tricks and balancing on alsorts of things and tugging and playing with lots of different toys, reminds me I must ask Lisa of whether I can buy a bungee handle as I need another one.......

I have just put together a game plan now for us and Sue with Holly have joined in too, for 20-30 min's of training now and again, they both have done, tunnels with go-on's through wings, seesaw "bang it" game and run to the end whilst it's up in the air and stay there whilst it lowered to the floor (taking the bang out of it) and walking on dog walk planks on the floor, with end postion, I'm doing it slightly different to Sue, but we can proof it all together so that's fine too, the famous wing wraps, that I keep hearing about till I'm sick of hearing, like it's something new!!

I am trying to teach myself different words for left and right wraps, but I have always found it hard as I don't always get my left and right right, let alone adding more words.... but I'm trying to get better and just maybe we will get to get it right on a course...... wont start the weaves for another few months or so, I am going to teach 2 x 2 like Mindy was taught, although I only had the book at the time and the dvd is well worth a look to see if it's for you. Personally I dont think anyway is wrong way to teach a dog agility, just different and I feel as long as your happy with how your teaching it, then carry on, but I do think you should be open minded enough to look at other methods, so you can make the right choice for you and your dogs, I love trying new ways of doing things, some work and some dont....

So I'm off to go and teach Sennen to empty the washing machine now!

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