Sunday, 22 May 2011

Olympia "Q" at Worcester May 2011

So this was the Olympia "Q" run...Harry's was wide and I was late in telling him what was happening next we lost around 4/5 seconds straight away and when we checked the times, you could see we would have been easily in the top 3 places, but hey, I didn't get it right, Harry didn't know or care, he is really working confidently now and who would have thought a Chinese Crested could do agility!

Mindy as you can see looked great apart form the dreaded First Contact Seesaw...AGAIN

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Angela said...

Thank you to the person that so kindly pointed out that it was "Adams" agility equipment and not "First Contact" so that's great news that the "first contact" curse has been broken too!

Shame you couldnt put your name to the comment though!