Wednesday, 1 September 2010


Ian has kindly sorted out a different phone for me so I can get on the "tinternet" and take better photo's and have a GPS, so I spent ages trying to work it out, well I managed to take a photo with it...

Thus a picture of Harry enjoying a rest in the caravan after a hectic Saturday!...any excuse for a sleep!

By the way this was our first weekend away in the caravan since we got it......It's great and everything worked!

One accident, Mindy managed to escape her crate in the car (I couldn't have shut the door properly!) and like the crazed girl she is, hurtled her self at me apon entering the caravan, landing on the middle table sending a cup of coffee all over the cusions! thankfully all over the cusions and not on her as it had just been made! More washing to do!

Anyway back to the "Touch" phone thing! I had to learn to send a photo to Fbook and email it to my computer, one minute I thought I'd sussed it the next it didn't work, I thought I had to email to FB, which is what I thought I had done, but then it didn't work.....but as you can see I think I've managed to work out most of it now!

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