Thursday, 23 September 2010

Seven things!

Bernadette started a "seven things" you didn't know about me, blog......So here's the first and whether I get around to telling you about the other six who knows!
Well "One" thing you didn't know about me! for this week, because I think this will give you a laugh for the weekend and if you see me over the weekend you may see me in a different light!
Don't ever ask me to paint your bathroom or it could end up like my Little Bro's!!!

He is a "Single" dog loving (2 dobbys and 2 collies) car mechanic
living in Dorset (see his blog on my blog list!!) and he takes stunning photo's........................
Hence the painting(!) of him fixing my MG Midget, with his sailing boat in the back ground and the famous hill behind, which those that live near him will know what it is......
Oh look I'm in it too, note the old fashion clothes I'm wearing that's a clue it was painted a few years ago and Hagar the cat looking on!

See I've been doing "Agility" for a few years now!
I did have a break for about 8/9 years, as I didn't want another dog...I started with a collie x retriever called Tessa and borrowed my brothers Collie x called Minstrel and here they are......
Quiet a likeness, I think!
I snuck a second thing in there, that you might not know about me, so now I only have to think of five!
Have a great weekend, last camping show of the year for us.
and you never know Mindy may be competing too, she's so close to being in season, we will just have to see......
I so love my dogs and Ian !

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