Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Before and After!

Well I took the plunge and got Mindy clipped, just a little bit, having spent a few days up with Elaine, the last straw was walking in all the fields and Mindy being covered in sticky balls, it took far too long to get them all out!

So this is the before photo

...and afterwards.

......yes I know they shouldn't be on the table, but small dogs just get to your soul and get away with murder!

Mindy really hates her photo taken...bless her
But I do wish it hadn't rained as hard as it did this morning on our walk, good job we have a dog blaster, all woofits dry and fluffy again and still smelling lovely, well two of them!

Thanks Val for clipping them both and letting me stuff treats into Mindy whilst she was being done.

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Paula said...

They both look lovely