Monday, 21 June 2010

...a totally non agility weekend!

Yes I managed a whole weekend of not doing any agility! Not only was it way too hot, it was the first weekend in 5 weeks I had been home, so I owed it to Ian really........

So Ian took me on a lovely long Friday afternoon walk with the dogs, on the "Clay pits" I will look it up on the map later and find the correct name for it but for now it's the "Clay Pit" area, which is what it is, it is in between St Austell/Eden project and Bugle-ish!

Ian had been there the week before and found a lovely swimming lake, which the dogs loved and I'm sure if I had had my cossy I might have jumped in too, the water was so clear and a beautiful greeny blue colour, surrounded by Rhododendrons....We didn't see any one until we eventually got back to the car and hour plus later...So it might be a good spot to go "Wild" swimming!!
...We went out for a meal in the evening as we didn't have time at the beginning of June when it was my Birthday!
We shared a pudding/dessert....ahhhhh!
That was Friday......

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Bandit's Pack said...

Sounds like a lovely way to spend a Friday! Could you please send some summer weather our direction - we've been consistently below normal temps.