Tuesday, 22 June 2010


Saturday was an "Ian Day", I did enjoy bits of it, we walked the dogs and then took Harry and off we went to the local Vintage Tractor Rally !!!!!!

I must admit I was slightly disappointed as Last year was bigger, even had a dog show, ferret racing and Cowboys and Indians!

Non of that this year, but they did have an auction of bits and bobs and Ian had seen a trailer chassis, which would save him making one for the "Off-Road" bike, so we had to stay, unfortunately it went for silly money, by which time Harry was fed up of being taken around the show, especially as it was so very hot, apart from when people chatted to him then he wanted to hump them! BOYS

So we went to visit the Tractors!

Now this is what I call a proper tractor, it's a Field Marshall called Puffin Billy, it sounded great.
I get bored with the boring old red and grey ones but this, I like!

I even told Ian I wouldn't mind going to a few shows with one of theses if we had a caravan!!

There where plenty of stationary engines and a

few old cars from Minis to old Austin's.

Sunday was spent trying to catch up with the garden!

...and trying to buy a caravan, both the real hopeful ones had sold, so that was that, no DIN for us this year as I certainly don't want a week in a tent without a fridge, with 4 dogs and Ian!

I took some cuttings from a couple of plants ready to grow on in pots for next year planting out.

I do hope the spring onions and the carrots hurry up and grow up, I am so getting bored of just lettuce sandwiches! I did have a sneak look at the onions and the bigger ones are almost there, but the carrots are no longer than 1/2 inch, so way too small, but they are turning carrot coloured! Do you know what, I really enjoying eating stuff, that we have grown, it really is satisfying and I can see why Helen with the "Nellie-Bean blog" loves it so much.


Hudsondoglets said...

My Dad is in to vintage tractors big time. I think he has about fifteen or so. We've been to a few rallies with him and they are fun. We agility people aren't the only 'nutters' after all!

Angela said...

15! Well if Ian decided he wanted to go done that route, I maybe could use it as a bargaining point for another woof!