Monday, 7 June 2010

Say it with a Video!

Oh and a photo....

Mindy's winners prize photo taken by at SWAT the week before Hinckley.

Look at her one stepping those weaves, she cant quite do them all, but she tries.....

Hinckely Show at Sandford Hall, Lutterworth

a very long way from took 6 hours going up because of the traffic, but only 4.5 coming home with a stop to pick up a foster dog and one to fill up with fuel.

Good job I shared with Aly, both the driving and the cost, made it fun too, we timed arriving just right and camped next to Neil and Sarah, as we only had one fork and no booze (Aly's fault, she was the shopper for this show!!) we even had an air display on the Sunday and an Italian Car show going on in the next field, oh yes and a thunder storm that lite the sky up for a few hours on Saturday night.
Great show, although the ground was rather bumpy for those that tented it....US and far too much sheep poo! wished there had been a closer loo, rather than one block of 5, maybe we where the only ones tenting it, so they where placed for the day Parker's! ....oh and it was far to hot on Saturday......Thank god for the Cool coat (for Harry)...Loved the show and if Aly wants to go next year we will be back.

Red's first Hinckley was on a bowling green campsite, that was fab too except I lost my wedding ring and this time I lost my Daffy duck, now I've had this Daffy for a few years and I was really upset (Aly thought I was being a wee bit sensitive about it and yes I could buy another one, but fancy losing it at the same show I lost my wedding ring! ) so if any of you found a small "Daffy Duck" at Hinckley it's MINE (it's one of those small things that fits on your crocs)

One day I'll have a dog called "Daffy" but too date none have been suited for that name!

...any way here's Harry in the champ class at Hinckley, he did really well, coping with the heat and ME, that weave discrimination will be put up to practise, but I can see what I did wrong, so that's great.....

and a couple of Mindy's run.

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