Thursday, 17 June 2010

Fire engine RED!

...Or post box red, that's it's colour, I always said all Steve needed was an Santa outfit and he could hand out presents to the kids at Christmas!
Well, after many, many, many years, Steve (and Peta, supplying the tea etc) has finished his 90 v8 landrover, I'm sure that's not the real name for it, but it is was a rebuild on a chassis from something old and bits from this and that etc's very tall, although this photo doesn't show that too well!

and has big wheels and tyres!

It's got a great sound system and does have a soft top too.

Any way it's MOT and raring to go out and play.... See we live along a byway!

and now he wants to sell it!
and start on bobtailing his disco!

Anyway well done Steve for finishing it...........It looks great in a geekish landroverish sort of way!

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