Monday, 26 April 2010

Video Post's say so much more!...

Here's a few video's from over the weekend, the good, the bad handler and the really distracted!

Just shows how much work I have to do, that why I like videos, although when Ian wasn't there Mindy was a lot more focused, but she has to get used to that and I have to show her it's much more fun being with ME....Honest Mind'ars
I'm still struggling with setting her up, I have to have her with a halti on as she rather "excitable" in the queue and she seems to not focus when I first take it off, so this weeks homework is to go out down in the garden and do start lines, play and take off her halti, quick exercise, play and put halti back on, so this morning we did it three times, I used her lead as a tug toy........ video....
But we did get it right twice over the wekend and Mindy won 1-3 agility and 2nd in 3-4 jumping (when Ian wasn't there!)

Red had a great time she coped really well, she had Anysize and two veteran classes and came home with 2 x 1sts and 2nd, here's one run that she came 2nd in with the spin after the tunnel, I was rather worried with the start as she had to turn really sharp into the tunnel and I had seen a lovely old lady hit the side so hard she fell over in the tunnel.......

Harry - I tried to be clever and do some different handling in places, so found out lots of what I need to work on, so we had 3 E's and then I played it safe in his last jumping class which we won....


Buzz - Well Buzz needs no introductions, he had a cracking E, and a 5 fs

I worked him down in the garden this week and he was amazing and we won the "Pit" Dog Agility championships! Bless him.

Here's his 5f run with Nick.



Paula said...

Sounds like a good weekend, Suzi, Tom and I managed 4 runs 4 Es :)

Go Mindy G4 here you come.

I haven't really got a start line routine either but was thinking it was something that Tom poissibly needed as queueing flattens him however long we do it for.

Bandit's Pack said...

Great work! I enjoyed these videos as I can see how big an agility course is. What a great workout, for dog and handler!