Sunday, 18 April 2010

Birthday Wishes...

Happy Birthday Buzzy Boy,
8 years young today!

We got up early and took them all to the beach 5.45am we where walking on the beach!
Why so early.....Well Ian wanted to be back in time to watch the Grand prix at 7 am........

They loved it but it was rather cold, I was pleased I hadn't booked any camping shows for this weekend!
I hadn't realised how cold, until we got back to the car to find frost on the "dog poo bins" in the car park and the 2 overnight campers (who weren't meant to camp in the car park had frost on their windows too, I'm sure they where awake by the time we had returned as another 2 dog walking cars with slightly more noisy dogs than ours arrived!) We got home by 7 and Ian thankfully with his head set on listening to the "getting ready" bit of the GP, helped wash the dogs off, whilst I blasted them!, we all then had nice warm porridge and honey for our breakfast! ALL!!!


Bandit's Pack said...

Happy Birthday, Buzzy!! ♥

Hudsondoglets said...

Belated happy birthday to Buzzy x

Lel said...

Happy Birthday Buzz Boy!
8 years old?! I remember when you were a big-footed bundle of fluff - can't believe how quickly the time flies. Big hugs & a tummy tickle xxx

Angela said...

Buzzy says "woof woof"
which is "Thank you"

Do you remember Lesley when you bought him a green blanket, he still has it, although Harry gets to use it more (more his size)