Thursday, 29 April 2010

Miss Mindy

will be two tomorrow, so now she's allowed a grown up name, rather than her "silly" name, for some reason, Muppet kept coming out and she's no Muppet I can assure you........and then it came to me via the dreaded Face book lot!

Thank you Sorcha you used it one time and I thought yes that sounds nice and I can remember it, so now she's known as "Miss Mindy"

Bless her.....

From this wee girlie (how could she be smaller than Harry!)

...She loves watching anything "Dog" related on the TV!

...and the occasional cuddle!

Happy Birthday "Miss Mindy"


Hudsondoglets said...

Happy Birthday to the lovely Miss Mindy. Where does the time go?

Bandit's Pack said...

Happy birthday, Miss Mindy! The name suits her well!