Wednesday, 7 April 2010

...and then this evening we went

To the beach.

As you can see Mindy looks great, hooray and I ran her over small small height jumps (8) yesterday and she looked great, so may be tomorrow I will raise the jumps and do one set of weaves and if she stays sound then she can come with Harry and I to the show on Saturday!

I did splash out and buy a "Back on Track" mesh coat to fit them both and she has been wearing this for 4/5 days, it's been a struggle as she hates wearing coats and is a right madam wearing anything! but we can keep it on for 4-5 hours each day, I cant see her wearing it over night though.......

As to whether it works or not, well I know I felt weired when she sat on my lap with it on, but I do react to the Bio flow bracelets like that too!

I did get Harry to wear it too, he only managed an hour the first time and got quite distressed by wearing it, I thought he wouldn't mind, as he loves being "Snug as a bug" I know some people cant wear the Bio flow for long periods of time, so I increased from 1 hour up 4 over 4/5 days and that's the stage we are at for him.

Mindy looks a bit odd in this photo as she is actually lying down on the sofa and I'm taking the photo from the top of the sofa looking down at her! oh and the coat is rather large for her....

In case any of you do invest in one, go smaller than your normal size coat as they are rather generous!...I bought it from Ann at CSJ, follow the link on my links bit that says CSJ....Toni and Beep Bother

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Hudsondoglets said...

Mindy reminds me of Kizzy in her coat. She hates wearing coats too! Hope that Mindy comes back sound from her injury. Good luck at the weekend!