Monday, 7 December 2009

Up's and Downs!

It's been a strange week.....The weather has been unbelievable wet and windy, I can only use small areas of the garden for agility....So maybe it's time to have a rest and chill?

Red and Buzz say they have had enough rest, they haven't done agility since beginning of October and are starting to drive me nuts in the house, Buzz less so now as he has started swimming -photos to follow in the next few weeks as I've not managed to remember the camera!
He has a spa first which he finds hard to enjoy, I think its the bubbles! he is up to 8 minutes fast walking on the water tread mill and looks quite relaxed now, and then the rest of the time is free swimming, catching a tennis ball and taking it back to the ramp end, the thing he does struggle with is going from the pool to the exit ramp......he looses his legs and collapse in a heap on the floor, bless him he has always struggled with walking on different surfaces (which is why I have done so much of it at home from metal to plastic to lino etc)..... of course it might be that he is tired from all the swimming and is so unfit? We are going twice a week now until Christmas.
He is looking good and has not been lame, I am trying to walk them for longer than their hour, it's just the rain, it really puts you off, especially as they are just trotting alongside you and not exploring...hinting they would rather be warm and dry at home!

Mum was taken ill in the week, she had had x-rays on her back (shoulder area) which eventually after a week (they said it needed that long to properly develop!) anyway she has spondilosis (Like Red) of her C5/6 or was it 6/7 which is trapping her nerves she is a lot of pain, then to top it all her blood pressure went haywire and a neighbour who had been calling in and walking the dogs for her and checking on her called "Little Bro" (who isn't little, just younger) who called 999...anyway she was sort off sorted (I have to be careful what I say because she reads this!) and they left after a few hours, leaving Mum at home with all her sheep, cats and dogs!
So I popped up for the weekend, I just took Mindy, which was an experience in it's self, I hadn't realised that she has never been with out "The Pack" for that length of time and to somewhere she didn't really know very well....what a nervy little thing she was, real yappy, real clingy.......So note to myself take her away more often on her own!
I helped Mum with a few chores, that she couldn't cope with and that she didn't want to ask help with, such like collecting kindling wood for the fires (that always makes you feel better a real fire) Mum has a small holding, which she has a few old sheep left, so hay and straw needed to be taken up the barns etc, walking the dogs etc. and then computer work, she now has a YouTube site and I showed her how to edit videos......we had to do it in stages as it can be very stressful when your in so much pain to sit in one spot...

Anyway by the time I left Sunday morning, she was a lot more comfortable and could see the light at the end of the tunnel, she has a Chiro appointment and a massager coming to the house to try and ease the area (shame Andy doesn't live closer!)
I do so miss Ian when I'm away, and I really missed Harry! that was the first time in 3 years we've spent a night away from each other!! (Harry)
Ian was great and kept sending me pictures from their walks, how come when Ian walks the dogs, it never rains and they don't get Muddy!
......... and then his last photo was really exciting, I have a outside doggy shower, with warm water too (thanks Nancy)

Taken by Ian's mobile phone and sent to me..........

I'm just so lucky.

Thank you Ian


Hudsondoglets said...

Sorry to hear about your Mum. If only we lived closer! I hope she improves and hpefully she'll get some relief from the chiro and massage.

Hey you got the shower. That's brill. My next item on the "wanted" list is a drop down table to wash and dry the dogs on so that I don't have to bend down. I'm hoping that will happen when the studio is built. I will share the design once Andy and Al have decided how to do it!

Angela said...

I've beat you to the table mind, but I did say just a small one for the "Small"
Ian's gone from the stone wall with two straps... I think he would moan if I said I wanted a bigger one!

Hudsondoglets said...

Damn it missed that now I want mine even done yesterday :o)

It makes such a difference to have them higher up. My back aches so much from cleaning up dogs. I think given time you should politely request a larger version as the smaller versions is so successful. I sometimes use my grooming table but it's a pain taking it in and out and I think it will deteriorate if I leave it out all the time. The joys of winter dog owning but wouldn't have it any other way!