Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Goal Setting!

.....Yes I'm a "Goal Setter" and a "List" writing person. See that's something else you now know about me!

Funny how when you write a "jobs to do list" the most important one gets left till last, even if it's at the top!
and you even do things that weren't on the list, to avoid doing that important one at the top.
....always makes me smile.....I always do "it" in the end!

Anyway, I set a Goal, for myself and Mindy to achieve before the end of 2009, I personally thought it was achievable and to be honest I thought we would have achieved it, way before we did......
We just weren't ready, "be patient Angela" (now where have I heard that before !???) and I can see that now, yes she was ready to get "ring" experience, but not ready to pull it all together in one round.
That's what I find so very exciting about agility, it's not just you out there competing, your a team with your buddy, it'll happen when it happens!
...I love the excitement of finding that bond between you and your dog, it's just so exciting and personally when I walk out to that start line without that fire in my belly ...I'll quit.

We had 5 events, mixture of match's, limits, UKA and one KC show from beginning of November to the end of 2009, with at least 3/4 runs at each, but hey we left it until the last two runs of the year...Yes you've guessed it, we not only got one but two clear rounds, on the same day!
My camera lady-Sue, managed to get her first one on Video..........
Yes I know it's was only one ring, so she had no distraction, but Hell's teeth ...IT WAS CLEAR

(so where did that saying come from? Hell's teeth...or did I just make it up?)

Here's Harry, on the same course, apparently she was less than half a second behind him!


Bandit's Pack said...

Wow, great job! You've worked really hard with them. Congrats to all three of you! Bandit and Pack

OBay Shelties said...

Congrats! Nice way to end the year!

Hudsondoglets said...

Fab Angela. Great way to end 2009 agility-wise!