Thursday, 18 June 2009

......Thames FUN!

Loads to report on from Thames show, it was great to see everyone and watch some class acts, Ian was a star he did all the grooming and videoing, so Thanks Ian.

It certainly helped for Harry, as it kept him cool and out of the way of the ques.

We learnt such a lot together, or I did. From now on, I have to run Harry like I would "Red" and if he is slower I will have time to make it up as I go along.
I need to choose the route that would make him run the faster and enjoy running with me, so for example rather than "pussy footing"! around and doing a front cross/blind turn, in front of a dog walk, I should charge down the side I was on and either do one the other end or cross behind the next piece of equipment, depending on what and where the course goes from there, you can clearly see when I cross behind the weaves in one of the agility rounds that Ian video, he puts in an extra step (fumbles) therefore looses time, so if I had ran down on his right with him and crossed behind on the next jump, it would have made that turn tighter too!

Thank goodness for Ian videoing.

PS. Sorry Neil, Harry says "you where too good to miss out on!!!!"


Char said...

He's looking lovely Ang. Running contacts now are we??

Angela said...

...Oh rather !!!
Thank you Charlotte,
I'm just happy for him to stay in the ring and run with me. We can work on the rest later! It's great now, that when I go wrong I can pick him up and carry on without him worrying that he got it wrong!