Thursday, 25 June 2009

...Old Lady Diddles "Red" at Thames

Great courses, I loved Lee's the second one, you could tell people weren't sure about it as there was no QUE! and people where hanging around....just watching and learning! ha ha we loved it!

....and if I hadn't paniced that Red was going into one of two tunnel entrances facing her as she went up the seesaw, I cant believe I actually called her, when she was already up the seesaw, stupid girl (Me) HA HA, it was great to run and I want another go.

...Shame about the handler! ........we where still having fun though and I get to buy another pair of shorts and a new "T" shirt!

I'm really proud of Red and what we've both have achieved over the years together, she took me from Elementary to Advanced before she was 4 years old, and her wins weren't all down here in Cornwall either, she certainly isn't an easy dog to run, give her an inch and she'll still go in the wrong end of the tunnel or up the "A" frame. But boy when we get it right! I have to admit some of our best runs that I can remember, have been great cracking "E's", but wow!
What a great dog to have learnt the great world of agility with.

Thank you RED.

Harry won another 5-7 agility at the weekend, so I don't mind now that he is a Grade 6.
No video's as Ian stayed at home and watched the motor racing.

Mindy goes from strength to strength and is coping working in different places now, we still struggle with our "Go on's" when she gets nervous you can see her start to watch me more. I need to do some more video work to see what I'm doing wrong with her airplanes/snakes as we struggle doing the last jump, but apart from that, she's great! She just wants to work and play with me, what more could I ask for?

I can't believe it's Thursday already and it's almost July............. where does it go?

We bought a Roof box to go on the Berlingo, it was meant to make life easier for me to go camping, on my own, so I didn't have to struggle to strap everything down on the roof........Well I can unlock it and sort of open it, but the hinges are on the side further away from the opening, even with a little step I can't reach them to lock them in the "Up" position, another job for Ian to try and work out! .........may be some string to pull the hinge up....why do I leave it all to the last minute?

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