Tuesday, 9 June 2009

...Meet new arrival Berty!

....Well Berty the Berlingo has landed in Cornwall and no I don't usually name cars, but he was called that by his previous owner and as we have named the Rotivator "Roger" and the weather vane "Sam"

Will this stick, I'm not sure ?

.....So Ian has been busy altering and painting the cages to fit from the Bongo to Berty, these cages have been in the Scudo, the Bongo and now in Berty! I'm so lucky to be married to a top class welder.

Ian has finished them just in time for Thames, so at least I can keep Harry contained and not stealing and eating my sandwiches! Poor chap I bought a really tiny cage to put him in at the last show, I did feel mean, but at least he couldn't escape!

Agility wise.

Well Harry worked his socks off this weekend, stayed in the ring, was wild and I haven't a clue how I got him around the course, as I had walked it for a slower dog and not for him, although I had run it with Red previously so I should have known - mind you Red and I where e'd on the same course, I sent her in the tunnel a few extra times. Anyway Harry won the class 5-7 agility, so now he is a G6, see this is where I think this system is wrong, I still feel you should have two wins at least to move up not just one agility, although Harry did deserve to win it on enthusiasm!
On a tricky course. But I don't make the rules and I did voice my opinion at the time.
After running Red and Harry over the same agility course, it was Buzzy's turn, well what can I say, I have the bruises from that one, he took me out, he saw the tunnel and I was in the way (not that he should of been heading for the tunnel!) I did mange to stay upright, but by the time I had walked out the ring the brusing and swelling had started, so I had others to run my dogs for the rest of the day and I scrimed!

Aly ran Buzz (she wanted too!) she did really well, it's those long running legs, they do look good together!

Gail Skinner ran Red and wow what a round they put in together and do you know what if Gail had managed to put in that blind turn they would, I'm sure have been in the top three places. Gail has never run Red before and there is only one other person that can pick her up, set her up and Red not even turn one glancing look behind to see where I am and then run a near perfect run every time and that was Bethany List her junior handler. well done Gail it was a pleasure to watch.

...I didn't let anyone run Harry although He had plenty of offers! I told them they can have a go at training first, but as I have only just managed to keep him in the ring 4 times this year, I wasn't going to let that happen at a show, with someone else.


Lorna said...

Yay Well Done Harry for going Grade 6 :)

Lorna and Cadders xx

Angela said...

Thank you Guys.