Thursday, 4 June 2009

....Buzz get's the all clear!

Buzz had his hips x-rayed and his cruciate ligaments pulled around, as he had been going lame after long walks and as the vet tried checking his cruciate when we went to see her, there was no way Buzz would let her get that close, she managed to lift his leg, but as some of you will know when you lift a back leg on Buzz he leans all his weight on you and would fall over rather than hold it up for you - he has always been like that and no amount of back end awareness has helped him there!

She said he had fantastic hips, but has lost some muscle on that side, so suggests we go back to the chiropractor and see if they can help him.

I really love this Vet, I am able to stay with the dogs whilst they are knocked out and I'm there when they wake up too. This time Buzz went to sleep really quickly the last time we ended up there for ages before he went under enough, he seemed to recover quicker too.
Bless him.

...Here's a picture of Red hiding in the grass!
Well almost.

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