Sunday, 25 January 2009

A Year of ..........

Well Almost a year, since I started blogging, thanks Lisa for showing the way! Although I think she might disagree!

I’ve really enjoyed it, WHY:
Lots of reasons
It helped me keep in touch with my friends and family (those that want too)
It teaches me to think before I write/Speak,
Makes me check my spelling!
Keeps my mind active
I feel like I have a purpose (weird but true)

Poppy has truelly settled in! (on a Wednesday)

I really think I need to find a job and get out more, but I just love it here, pottering around the garden, giving the odd lesson or two and spending time with my dogs. Before I know it, Ian is home waiting for his tea – mind you, we would get the house and grounds finished quicker if I was working full time and Ian was at home doing all the “Blue”(man) jobs
But then he wouldn’t train the dogs (pink) girl job! Or exercise them. Yes, gosh I do have a great time, I hope Ian's not too upset ?

We collected a trailer full of rotted horse manure at the weekend, some of it we covered the compost heat, as that had virtually nothing but grass clippings and we won’t be able to use this for another couple of years, the rest we have piled up in the corner ready to mix with some top soil to make a raised vegetable patch, we thought as we have all this ground we aught to have a go!

As you can see, it’s rather muddy down here!

The Bongo has gone to the bongo hospital and hopefully they will be able to get the “glow” plug out and replaced with a new one!

Buzz came training with Harry on Wednesday, we trained him over medium height, as it was his first time back training for 10 weeks, he was on the ceiling and maybe next week the height should go up, just to slow him down a bit and make him think, at least then he hopefully won’t hurt himself – if my ground was dry he could have trained at home along with Red for a few weeks, before going to club, but April and their first show will be here and neither him or Red will have been up to full height or fit!
I’m hoping Red will be able to carry on full height for the rest of this year, we will have to just wait and watch her. Suddenly she is reaching retiring age and we’ve only just started competing! Well that is what it seems like; I can’t believe she is almost 10.

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