Thursday, 8 January 2009

The Big Freeze !.........

.....For the first time, in 3 Winters.
Ian had to scrape the ice off the windows of his Landrover before going to work this week!
I had to use the dog "Bone" axe (the axe is to chop the pork and lamb bones up that are too big for the "smalls" dogs) to chip holes in the birds water and the loo frooze! Don't panic it was the loo in the utility room, which also houses the washing machine, so no washing clothes for a few days, until it thaws out, the utility room has to be pulled down this year and re-built, double skinned with double glazing and heating to match the rest of the Bungalow!


I was catching up on people's blogs the other day and came across Susan Garrett talking about dealing with grief, loss of a pet or person and how her Mum had taught her a great lesson - Any of you who are trying to deal with the loss of someone special, need to go and check her blog out - Link to it from My Blog list, scan down about 4/5 entries, if you see a picture of a Loon with ducklings, you are in the right area. Worth Reading.


Still waiting for Mindy to come into season, she is 8 months now and everyone keeps telling me, small dogs can start as early as 6 months. Over the last month she has become very different, she has been very yappy/spooky.
I thought Poppy (my Wednesday, day care dog) coming into season would have helped things along, Harry (castrated) was really interested in her (Mindy not Poppy) for a few days, about two weeks ago, which made me think, here we go too!
It will happen, when it happens!


Mindy and Harry, caught snuggled together!

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