Friday, 30 January 2009

I've been tagged!

Thanks Charlotte.

So here it is!
It's Buzz on Holiday in Cornwall - of course.

He was 4 years old here, having just been in the sea swimming with Ian, and I'd say he has a little water in his left ear! it's funny how all the dogs will swim if we are in the water with them, but just paddle along the shore line if that is what we are doing, don't get me wrong Buzz paddling is equivalent to Red, Mindy and Harry swimming, they will go out and get the ball, well Buzz does, he brings it half way back and Red takes it from him, then drops it a little bit further and Harry collects it!

So now I have to tag others and as there is only one of my list of "Bloggers" that hasn't been tagged I will Tag them and hopefully that will kick them into action in updating their blog!!!!
I wonder if it will work?

So Lisa at Perranfell, or rather Lisa "down on the dunes" - you've been tagged.

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