Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Sign of old age?

.....I keep losing my gloves, I’ve now lost, one and half pairs in one month! Both where bought for me a few Christmas’s ago, by Ian’s Mum and Dad, they where perfect size and just right for walking the dogs and pottering around the garden, they fitted that well, I was even able to use them for training and treat rewards, I have looked high and low, in pockets, in the car, I know I had the last pair last week at training, so no doubt I left them in the middle of the car park!
It’s a right pain in the bum.

Not the lovely, two-day agility show in July, but the game!
Ian took me to my first real life match last weekend.
I had asked Ian to take me one day – just so I could cross it off the list of “non doggy” things that I had done in my life! We do watch it on the telly, when we get chance, especially if it’s a rainy day and neither of us fancy doing any work out side – we light the fire and warm up a bottle of red wine and that’s it for the afternoon. Anyway Saturday arrived and it wasn’t raining, we had walked the dogs and planted about 8 of the 20 trees and off we went to St Austell Rugby ground, they where playing Chipping sodbury in the EDF cup (the final would be held at Twickenham) We happened to know Lads, on both sides, and weren’t sure who to cheer for, so we cheered them all! …… It started off evenly matched (not sure whether that is the correct terminology?) St Austell (saints) kept bringing on new players and I don’t think the “Sods” had many with them, there where some good scraps and some good kicks etc! St Austell won 26 –18 I think, I was shivering so much I could barely cheer, neither of us wanted to go into the bar in case we missed something.
Would I go again – YES But I will remember to take my gloves and hat next time.

As promised I got the “Old” camera out and filmed the “Smalls” doing their “are you shy” trick, I still need them to hold it for a bit longer, otherwise it just looks like they are waving at you.
I did try Buzz, but like Red he just wants to cross his front legs, but at least doing it in the bedroom, he didn’t bark as much and was focused and thinking about what I was asking of him. Red was a lot better this time. I keep forgetting they haven’t been taught as many tricks with the clicker, so it’s all new for them, to use their heads and think.

But we are having lots of fun whilst it’s raining outside.

Got to go, Sue told me how to make Stew and home made dumplings, so that's what we are having for our tea tonight!

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