Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Well Thank you......

Brother Ady and Brother Ian for our Christmas present, no not the trailer you Silly Billy's, but the hedge, 18 evergreen hedging plants, for the hedge behind the trailer and in front of the other natural hedge, as we are finding, people that are walking in the "Preaching Pit" spend most of the time looking into our garden and Red goes potty!

.......And Thank you Mum for our other flower plants, can't for the life of me remember the name now! Sorry. We are trying them in various positions around the place, there are 4 pots, so may split up the group.

Angel (Foster dog 3) went to her new home last Tuesday, she has settled in and by the sound of it, is a lot happier than she was with us, which although is hard to hear, as we did try hard to help her settle, but she was so ill at the time and very thin, but she went to her new home fatter and fitter, so we did help her.
All the best little Christmas Angel. xx

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