Sunday, 14 December 2008

I Know, I'm sorry..........

I've not "blogged" for a while.
I'm in the middle of a bout of Man flu! I'm now on the antibiotics! yes I know, I actually went to the doctors! What with flu and "Foster Dog number 3" arriving! talk about bad timing.
Little Angel is 13 years old, very thin and wobberly, she is a hairless CC, I have taken photos of her, but I'm really embarrassed at how poor she looks, will take another one of her wrapped up in Auntie Anna's woolly jumper!

Anyway a trip to the vet and she is on antibiotics too - just hope I don't mix them up with mine!

We had snow last night, there was enough that I could have rolled around in it doing "Angels!"
I love snow, Harry and Mindy thought I was acting a little weired and wanted to get back inside in front of the fire!
Anyway by the morning most of the snow had gone!

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