Thursday, 4 December 2008

Poppy had a sleep over this week!

Poppy is approx 6 weeks younger than Mindy, which makes her 5-6 months old, she is nutty, fun loving, tail wagging dog, she seems fine out walking with other dogs, she barks far too much for my liking and boy my "smalls " can yap!

I road walked them today, all 5 together!
They still came home muddy!
So the next hour was spent washing and drying 5 dogs.

.........Last night a log rolled out of the fire and burnt a hole in the rug - that was the reason for buying a rug to save the flooring! It made us all jump, especially the "Smalls" as they where fast asleep in front of it!
It is quiet scary having a wood burner in a wooden shed/bungalow, but the joys of watching the glow and being all warm and cosy is greater than the "could be" danger.

Anyway, here is Poppy all grown up!

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