Saturday, 20 December 2008

Padstow at Christmas

....Ian took me "window shopping" in Truro today, made a nice change, it's been almost a year since I've been to Truro! I hate shopping at the best of times. We got there really early and had a coffee before we wandered around the market stalls etc, listening to all the choirs and street musicians/entertainers, I have to admit I enjoyed it.

We bought a few things, all from Woolworth's closing down sale, 4 nice sturdy mugs and loads of Tulip and Iris bulbs, 40 bulbs for 50p - Bargain.

Oh yes and some "Soap Bath Bombs" from the "Lush" shop.
Two years ago, we had been in this shop and we could have spent a fortune, but thank fully we where still living in the caravan, so couldn't buy any bath bombs! So this year I treated myself to a couple of "Bombs" for Christmas.

Tonight we went to Padstow for a meal and to see the lights!

I think we need to treat ourselves, to a better camera! .............It looked so pretty in real life.

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