Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Toilet training!

I have read the books and listened to people’s ideas on how they trained their dogs.
I heard one the other day which I hadn’t heard before; which is daft as I do train this way! was to clicker train it – never thought of that one!

Well this is how mine, have coped with it all!

Cassie our first Collie
She was a star, she took only two weeks to house train; she was nine weeks old when we picked her from a farm near Bristol. I was working part time so that made it nice and easy to be around.

Red, took 9 months, yes, nine months, she suffered from separation anxiety, we tried an indoor kennel, which she hated (yet now she loves being in a confined space) and would destroy everything that was in it, bedding would be shredded and she would poo and pee in it, as soon as you opened the door to the house you could smell the stress from her barking, it was awful, she was a nightmare. Eventually we where able to start to leave her out of the kennel, some days she would be fine and then other days we would come home to find the curtains pulled down from the windows and seat cushions in pieces, she managed to get over the stair gate to get upstairs to the spare bedroom and poo on the beds! She still will now and again have an accident (Poo) usually when she is excited to go out for a walk or into the garden!
I know another Gemthorne that does that too!

Buzz (another Gemthorne) he took about 6 months, not as bad as Red. He “lets off wind” like an old horse! He can walk down the road, or jump of the sofa/bed, making all sorts of noises - I promise it’s not ME!

Harry was another star, he joined us at 13 weeks and I would say that within a month he was sorted, he is now known as Mr Iron Bladder and has been known to last 14 hours without a wee, especially if it’s wet outside!

Now Mindy, well I’m shocked, we have not had an accident in the house or her kennel since she arrived at 8 weeks! And she will have been with us for two weeks on Friday. Whether it was because we picked her up on the Friday and went straight to a camping show (in a tent) so she had no option but to wee/poo on the grass outside, this week I have even left her on her own for 4 hours, I don’t know why, or whether me writing this “is the kiss of death!” She sleeps at night from 10 straight through to 5-6 am, the first week she would cry about 2-3am to go out for a pee, then she would return to her bed until morning time.

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