Thursday, 3 July 2008

Mindy Pic's!

Mindy has been with us nearly a week!

She has had her nails cut - Thanks to Gail for doing the deed and Alison for the clippers!
Had a bath, been to the vets for a check up, met a man and a walking stick, with a loud voice!

she has learn't her name!

Oh and been told off by Red, for chewing her tail!


Lorna said...

Ah she looks lovely - enjoy!

I look forward to meeting her :)

Lorna x

Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

Ahhh she looks so cute, do you think she will be bigger than Harry, she looks very leggy, but hey who knows!?!

Have fun, hope this rain stops soon!

Lisa :o)

Angela said...

...No idea on her height, mum was smaller than Harry thou, I'm wondering what her ears will do! Whatever way she turns out, she is in love with Harry, which was the plan, so Harry has someone to play with!

Rain hasn't stopped play yet!