Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Drowned Rats!

I took the dogs out for their usual walk this morning, it wasn't raining when I left although I should have realised it would!
.....So I didn't bother putting Harry's coat on, poor lad.

Here he is eating his lamb bone, looking rather rat like!....and now he is wrapped up on the sofa in a nice warn - out of the airing cupboard towel.
Meany Mummy!


Char said...

Poor Harry, he's so soggy! He's so diddy, it can't hurt to carry his little coat in your pocket, just in case of rain ;o)

Angela said...

...Yes I know, I had left his coat drying from the day before in the airing cupboard, I just forgot and it wasn't raining when we left! I got wet too, because I didn't take mine either! Please forgive me.