Sunday, 20 July 2008

Nice Moon Boots, Harry!

I just couldn’t get it together with Red at this weekends competition, I’m not sure whether it was me or whether she is starting to struggle, we had poles and pull off from jumps, she look like she is doing slow motion over the jumps,Or maybe it was the courses!

Buzz was Buzz, but we did have a nicely controlled clear round with held contacts in the agility, at last our second clear round of the year!

Harry, well we had a strange week this week, he didn’t want to do agility, he came down the garden to train, but didn’t want to play with me, so I put him back in the house and trained the others in stead. We went to club on Wednesday and he did a couple of runs and started sniffing, so I put him back in the car.
Off to the show we went, having had no training!
He was nuts in the exercise area (good sign)
Agility to start, (it was his first as a grade 4) we had a great 3 jump recall and nice contacts even though the “A” frame and seesaw where done twice! The seesaw didn’t even move, I think that was my fault as I went to do a reverse turn in front of it, which pushed him forward and skyward! The “A” frame, well that was a slight d tour! But he was having fun!

Anyway he made up for in the jumping and won it. After, having to have a re-run as some ones collie left the exercise area to chase him through the ring into the tunnel! Harry didn’t notice until he came out and was on the homeward stretch and turned round to see what was chasing him.

Just so you don’t all laugh at him when you next see him, he has had a major haircut! He now has a set of four moon boots! Some say they like it, others say he looks like a poodle now!

I’ve promised him, I wont do it again and it will grow back by winter!

Maybe that's why he wasn't a happy Harry this week!

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