Thursday, 17 April 2008

The Sun has got his HAT on!

…...Not much has happened this week; the weather has been great so agility took a back seat! The garden is growing which means the brambles are too! I hate Brambles.
I have managed a few training sessions with the dogs, I don’t train for long; each dog gets about 10 mins! Yes that is all, Red still wants to come out and do her bit. Buzz struggled this week so after an awful session at the beginning of the week I put his harness and double lead on and off we went down the garden and just did ground work with him, walking nicely and slowly along a ladder and around a labyrinth of poles on the floor, he had a last go at walking across an old door from the house which I placed on uneven ground and added a rock underneath it (before it got burnt!) acting like a wobble board, for Buzz just doing this sort of work for just 10mins is like an hour in the woods - he is shattered….I know I hear you say “Poor Buzz it is such a long way from his brain to his feet” and yes I have to agree with you “it is!” …...You wont be able to say I haven’t tried.

Here's Buzz as 7 week pup - he was small once!

I’m re-reading a book called “on talking terms with dogs:calming signals”. By Turid Rugaas
If you get chance to get this book get it and read it, I had read it about 5/6 years ago and forgotten about it, until I was having a sort out the other day, I have started using a lot of these signals for Buzz mainly, but the others are cottoning on too and life has been a lot easier with his temperament/mood swings.

A Friend came down for the day with lovely Cuba pup, (should have taken an up to date photo of him) she showed me how to do some more ground work exercises with Buzz, well actually she had me walking along the lane with her German Shepherd – Jazzy pants as I call her, teaching me how to stop her pulling, using the ttouch method. So I have lots to practise with the big boy.

Another friend (aren’t I lucky in having so many friends?) has been sending me some agility exercises to do with the dogs and we have progressed from her starter exercises all the way up to her senior ones now, even Harry.

Harry’s training on Saturday was fun he get tired/bored quickly so didn’t make the whole hour so he shared it with Buzz, Harry did his first lot of contacts for 7 months, which was a little scary, he trotted down the dogwalk, not helped by me trotting along beside him wondering whether he would get blown off in this Cornish wind, he stopped at the bottom 2o2o, he ran up the “A” frame, had a look around ran back down the other side 2o2o and then we had lift off on the seesaw, I wasn’t quick enough to see him run fast up the seesaw which didn’t move, he landed on all four legs and seemed okay so we went back and did it again (the seesaw) this time a little more controlled! …. Not sure whether he is ready for contacts this weekend, so we will just have to see what the weather and course is like to see if I will let him run.

We have been buying a few things of eBay Plants mainly and am really pleased with what has arrived, so they have been planted.

We tried to buy a mini digger too, but that’s a whole other story!!!!! Unless of course any of you out there has a real mini digger for sale or one that wants to go to Cornwall for a long holiday! Email me PLEASE

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